HUS 4561  Social Problems and Policy credits: 3

This course will survey the political and administrative context in which public policies are developed, implemented, and evaluated. Emphasis will be placed on health care, social, economic and political environments/conditions and its relationship to conceptual case/problem identification, research perspectives, practical applications and community involvement. Course content is guided by an understanding that education, communication and cooperation is now the standard and that "control" is replaced by "accountability". Topics may include long-term care, gerontology, mental health, substance abuse, homelessness, child and family programs, migration/immigration, juvenile crime and criminology.

Prerequisite: (HSA 3104 or HSA 4184 and Admission to: HSA-BAS with a minimum grade of C) Or (PPA-BS) Prerequisite: Or (DEH 3813 and Admission to: DENH-BAS with a minimum grade of C)