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Remote VPN Access

The SPC remote access system provides secure access to SPC applications and data using Secure Socket Layers (SSL), the method used by the majority of commerce sites on the World Wide Web. The SSL security protocol protects the security and confidentiality of data as it is passes over the internet through the many way points between remote computers and SPC. The connection requirements are detailed in the links below along with a process outline for initiating, authorizing and enabling remote access service. All remote access users must be authorized on the system using the process outlined below. 

VPN Request Process Outline

1) Remote Access Requestor
      a) Reads and acknowledges the Remote Access Policy
      b) Completes the SPC Remote Access Request Form: Click here to submit the Remote Access Request Form
      c) Forwards the Form to the department supervisor
2) Department Supervisor / College Contact Person for Contractors
      a) Verifies purpose and need
      b) Approves user access request   
      c) Reads and acknowledges RAS policy
      d) Forwards to VPN Request Approvals Group (
3) VPN Request Approvals Group (
      a) Evaluates request
      b) Authorizes or denies request
      c) Forwards authorized request forms to VPN Administrator
4) VPN Administrator
      a) Enables user account
      b) Creates resource instance
      c) Assigns authorized resources
      d) Sends user access confirmation and connection information
      e) Files Request Form

Are you looking for the VPN2 Login page?

That system is no longer in use. Instead, please use the following link for remote access:

Connection Requirements Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Remote Access Policy
General Security Policy