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Dr. David Manson, D.M.A. - Professor

Dr. David Manson, D.M.A. - Professor
St. Pete/Gibbs Campus
HS 202
(727) 341-4363

= David Manson has added information specific to this course. (syllabus, video, class meeting times, etc.)

Fall Term 2019-2020 (0565) arrow 0565
 MUC 2631   Avid Pro Tools for the Compser 1765SPGFace-to-Face08/19/1912/13/19
 MUL 1010   Music Appreciation 2267SPGOnline08/26/1910/04/19
 MUM 2600   Music Tech & Recording Tech I 1223SPGFace-to-Face08/19/1912/13/19
 MUN 1710   Jazz Band 0422SPGFace-to-Face08/19/1912/13/19
 MUN 1710   Jazz Band 1007SPGFace-to-Face08/19/1912/13/19
 MVB 1013   Applied Music Enrchmt-Trombone 2853SPGIndependent Study08/19/1912/13/19
 MVB 1313   Applied Music Princi -Trombone 2697SPGIndependent Study08/19/1912/13/19
Summer Term 2018-2019 (0560) arrow 0560
 MUL 1010   Music Appreciation 1119SPGOnline05/27/1907/05/19
 MUS 1360   Music And Computers 0399SPGFace-to-Face05/20/1907/26/19
 MVB 1013   Applied Music Enrchmt-Trombone 1530SPGIndependent Study05/20/1907/26/19
Spring Term 2018-2019 (0555) arrow 0555
MUC 2631   Avid Pro Tools for the Compser 3120SPGIndependent Study01/14/1905/10/19
MUL 1010   Music Appreciation 3067SPGOnline01/21/1903/01/19
MUM 2600   Music Tech & Recording Tech I 1063SPGFace-to-Face01/14/1905/10/19
MUM 2600   Music Tech & Recording Tech I 1064SPGFace-to-Face01/14/1905/10/19
MUN 1710   Jazz Band 0354SPGFace-to-Face01/14/1905/10/19
MUN 1710   Jazz Band 2105SPGFace-to-Face01/14/1905/10/19
MVB 1013   Applied Music Enrchmt-Trombone 3066SPGIndependent Study01/14/1905/10/19
MVB 1313   Applied Music Princi -Trombone 3068SPGIndependent Study01/14/1905/10/19
MVB 2323   Applied Music PrinciplTrombone 4362SPGIndependent Study01/14/1905/10/19