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Board of Trustees Rules and College Procedures

Hint: Use "+" or "-" to require a word to be present or absent (e.g. +transfers -refunds) and quotes to find an exact phrase (e.g. "transfers and refunds").

Table of Contents

I. Administration

Number Name Board of Trustees Rule College Procedure
6Hx23-1.01 Definitions Rule  
6Hx23-1.02 Statement of Purpose and Mission Rule  
6Hx23-1.03 Board of Trustees Rule  
6Hx23-1.04 Meetings of the Board of Trustees Rule  
P6Hx23-1.04 Board of Trustees' Meetings -- Public Comment   Procedure
6Hx23-1.06 Responsibility and Authority of the President Rule  
P6Hx23-1.06 Presidential Approval for College Elections   Procedure
6Hx23-1.061 Appointment/Dismissal of President Rule  
6Hx23-1.062 Presidential Compensation Package Rule  
6Hx23-1.07 Rules of Order Rule  
6Hx23-1.072 Adoption of Uniform Rules of Procedure Pursuant to Chapter 120, Florida Statutes Rule  
6Hx23-1.08 Description of Organization Rule  
6Hx23-1.09 Nature & Requirements of Formal & Informal Procedures Rule  
6HX23-1.10 Procedures for Presentation of Arguments & Presentation of Evidence at Board Hearings Rule  
P6Hx23-1.101 Procedure: Indexing, Management and Availability of Final Orders   Procedure
6Hx23-1.11 Requirements for Rulemaking Rule  
P6Hx23-1.11 Procedure: Rules and Procedures   Procedure
6Hx23-1.12 Approved Forms Rule  
6Hx23-1.13 Institutional Relationships Rule  
6Hx23-1.14 Advertising Rule  
6Hx23-1.15 Agents, Solicitors, Salesmen Rule  
6Hx23-1.151 Free Speech and Assembly Rule Procedure
6Hx23-1.16 Fund Drives and Ticket Sales Rule  
P6Hx23-1.16 Ticket Distribution and Sales   Procedure
P6Hx23-1.161 Fund Drives   Procedure
6Hx23-1.17 Collection of Money from Students Rule Procedure
6Hx23-1.19 Gambling Rule  
6Hx23-1.20 Injury to Students or College Personnel Rule  
P6Hx23-1.20 Injury to Students or Visitors   Procedure
6Hx23-1.21 College Facilities Rule  
6Hx23-1.22 Vehicle Fleet Management Rule Procedure
6Hx23-1.221 College Vehicles, Use of Rule  
6Hx23-1.23 Emergency Action Plan Rule  
P6Hx23-1.231 Emergency Action in Case of Death, Illness, Injury or Threat of Suicide   Procedure
6Hx23-1.232 Policy for Threats, Violence, Stalking and/or Use or Possession of Explosives, Destructive Devices, Firearms and/or Weapons, Etc. Rule  
P6Hx23-1.232 Procedure: Firearms and Weapons on Campus   Procedure
6Hx23-1.24 Installation of Special Equipment Rule  
6Hx23-1.25 Parking and Traffic Control Rule Procedure
6Hx23-1.251 Service Animals and Animals on Campus Rule  
P6Hx23-1.251 Service Animals   Procedure
6Hx23-1.26 Photography in the College Rule  
6Hx23-1.27 General Employee Meetings Rule Procedure
6Hx23-1.28 Committees Rule  
6Hx23-1.29 College Calendar Rule  
6Hx23-1.30 Disruptive Activities Rule Procedure
6Hx23-1.31 Accreditation Rule  
6Hx23-1.32 Accreditation: Reporting of Substantive Changes Rule Procedure
6Hx23-1.33 Direct Support Organizations Rule Procedure
6Hx23-1.34 Discrimination Grievance Rule Rule  
P6Hx23-1.34 Discrimination Grievance   Procedure
6Hx23-1.341 Basic Human Rights Rule  
6Hx23-1.35 Copyright, Trademark and Patent Rule  
P6Hx23-1.35 Copyright and Patent - Photocopying   Procedure
P6Hx23-1.351 Procedure: Copyright, Trademark and Patent   Procedure
P6Hx23-1.36 Toxic Substances   Procedure
6Hx23-1.37 Tobacco Free College Rule  
P6Hx23-1.37 Tobacco and Smoke Free Policy   Procedure
P6Hx23-1.8102 Information Technology-Administrative Computer Rooms General Security   Procedure
P6Hx23-1.8103 Information Technology-Access to the Administrative Computer System After Hours   Procedure
P6Hx23-1.8104 Information Systems-Electronic Security of Administrative Computing and Networking Functions   Procedure
P6Hx23-1.8105 Information Technology Systems-Internet Firewall Security Controls   Procedure
P6Hx23-1.8109 Information Systems-Authorization for Peoplesoft System User Accounts   Procedure
P6Hx23-1.8208 Data Systems/Computer Services: Request for Employee Labels/Lists   Procedure
P6Hx23-1.901 Administration and Organization: College Employees Who Are Candidates for Public Office   Procedure
P6Hx23-1.902 Administration and Organization: Planning - External Reporting (Management Information System - MIS)   Procedure
P6Hx23-1.903 Management Information System: Standardized Coding   Procedure
P6Hx23-1.904 Administration and Organization: Structure - Table of Organization   Procedure
P6Hx23-1.905 Administration and Organization: Working Calendar   Procedure
6Hx23-1.91 AIDS and Communicable Diseases Rule  
P6Hx23-1.91 Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS)   Procedure
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II. Human Resources

Number Name Board of Trustees Rule College Procedure
6Hx23-2.01 Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Rule  
6Hx23-2.011 Sexual Harassment and Relationships Policy Rule  
P6Hx23-2.011 Sexual Harassment and Relationships   Procedure
6Hx23-2.012 Employment/Disabled Persons Rule  
P6Hx23-2.013 Sexual Predator or Offender Information Notification/Publication   Procedure
P6Hx23-2.014 Reporting Abuse of A Minor   Procedure
6Hx23-2.02 General Employment Rules Rule  
P6Hx23-2.02 Drug-Free Campus and Workplace—Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program   Procedure
6Hx23-2.021 Alcohol and Drug Testing Program for Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators Rule  
P6Hx23-2.021 Personnel Grievances   Procedure
6Hx23-2.022 Qualification of Instructional, Administrative and Professional Personnel Rule  
P6Hx23-2.022 Professional Development   Procedure
6Hx23-2.023 Classification and Reclassification of Positions Rule  
P6Hx23-2.024 Volunteers and Judicial Assignments   Procedure
P6Hx23-2.025 Training of Student Services Personnel   Procedure
6Hx23-2.03 Standards of Conduct for Employees Rule  
P6Hx23-2.031 Procedures Regarding Standards of Conduct, Reporting Known or Suspected Improper or Fraudulent Financial Activities & Whistleblower Protection   Procedure
6Hx23-2.05 Release of Personnel Record Information Rule  
6Hx23-2.06 Salary Rule  
6Hx23-2.07 Terminal Pay (Sick, Vacation, DROP) Rule Procedure
6Hx23-2.08 Requirements of Records for all Employees Rule Procedure
6Hx23-2.09 Temporary Duty Rule  
6Hx23-2.10 Evaluation of College Personnel Rule Procedure
6Hx23-2.11 Membership of Employees in Professional Organizations Rule  
6Hx23-2.12 Selling to Students, Parents, Other College Employees, or the Board Rule  
6Hx23-2.13 Nepotism Rule  
6Hx23-2.14 Workday and Workweek Rule Procedure
P6Hx23-2.141 Weekly Hours for Faculty   Procedure
P6Hx23-2.142 Remote Work and Alternate Work Schedules   Procedure
6Hx23-2.15 Employment - Career Service Personnel Rule Procedure
P6Hx23-2.151 Employment "OPS Career Temporary" Persons   Procedure
P6Hx23-2.152 Career Service Employees -Administrative Transfer   Procedure
6Hx23-2.17 Reduction in Force - Career Service Personnel Rule Procedure
6Hx23-2.19 Employment of Career Service Employees - Standards of Conduct, Discipline and Corrective Action Rule  
P6Hx23-2.19 Performance Expectations of Career Service Employees and Standards of Discipline   Procedure
6Hx23-2.20 Employment - Administrative/Professional Personnel Rule Procedure
6Hx23-2.201 Employment - Full-Time Instructional Personnel Rule Procedure
P6Hx23-2.2011 Personnel Contracts   Procedure
P6Hx23-2.2012 Suspension or Dismissal of Employees Under Written Contract or Continuing Contract   Procedure
6Hx23-2.202 Determining Equated Credit Hour (ECH) Values   Procedure
6Hx23-2.21 Contracts for Instructional Personnel - Continuing Contracts Rule Procedure
6Hx23-2.211 Instructional Contracts Other Than 12-Month Rule Procedure
6Hx23-2.212 Instructional Contracts for 12-Month Teaching Faculty Rule  
6Hx23-2.22 Reappointment or Non-Reappointment of Instructional and Administrative Personnel Not Under Continuing Contract Rule  
6Hx23-2.23 Employment - Adjunct and Supplemental Personnel Rule  
6Hx23-2.24 Change in Employment Grade for Instructional Personnel Rule  
6Hx23-2.25 Substitute Personnel Rule  
P6Hx23-2.25 Personnel - Absence - Faculty (Teaching) - Absence of an Instructor from Class   Procedure
6Hx23-2.26 Tutoring Rule  
6Hx23-2.27 Resignation Rule Procedure
6Hx23-2.28 Leave - General Rule Procedure
6Hx23-2.30 Vacation Leave   Procedure
P6Hx23-2.31 Sick Leave and Leave for Illness in Line of Duty   Procedure
P6Hx23-2.32 Personal Leave    Procedure
P6Hx23-2.33 Military and National Guard Leave   Procedure
P6Hx23-2.34 Leave Donation Program   Procedure
P6Hx23-2.35 Family and Medical Leave   Procedure
P6Hx23-2.36 Professional Leave   Procedure
6Hx23-2.37 Sabbatical Leave Rule Procedure
P6Hx23-2.38 Court Related Leave   Procedure
P6Hx23-2.39 Holiday Leave   Procedure
P6Hx23-2.40 Extended Leave   Procedure
P6Hx23-2.901 Career Personnel Advancement   Procedure
6Hx23-2.902 Workers' Compensation Rule  
6Hx23-2.903 Control of Hazardous Energy Rule  
6Hx23-2.904 Respiratory Protection Program Rule  
6Hx23-2.905 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan Rule  
6Hx23-2.9051 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan for Students Rule  
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III. Academic Affairs

Number Name Board of Trustees Rule College Procedure
6Hx23-3.01 Academic Freedom Rule Procedure
6Hx23-3.03 Academic Field Trips Rule Procedure
6Hx23-3.04 Course Descriptions and College Programs Rule Procedure
6Hx23-3.05 Library Borrowing and Use Policy Rule Procedure
6Hx23-3.06 Faculty Manual Rule  
6Hx23-3.07 Scholar in Residence Rule  
6Hx23-3.08 Workforce Education Advisory Committees Rule Procedure
6Hx23-3.09 Out-of-District Course Approval Rule Procedure
P6Hx23-3.901 Academic Titles: Establishment of Academic Ranks   Procedure
6Hx23-3.908 Conducting Educational Research Rule Procedure
6Hx23-3.911 Resale of Complimentary Textbooks Rule Procedure
P6Hx23-3.912 Selection and Adoption of Textbooks and Course Materials   Procedure
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IV. Student Services

Number Name Board of Trustees Rule College Procedure
6Hx23-4.01 Students, Admission, Programs, and Activities - General Rule Procedure
P6Hx23-4.011 Identity Theft Prevention Program   Procedure
6Hx23-4.02 Admission Requirements Rule  
P6Hx23-4.02 General Admission Requirements   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.021 Services for Students with Disabilities   Procedure
6Hx23-4.03 Financial Aid Rule  
P6Hx23-4.03 Scholarships, Athletic Grants-in-Aid and Student Financial Assistance   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.031 Student Activities and Athletic Scholarships, and Eligibility Requirements for Scholarship and Non-Scholarship Athletes   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.032 Students Employed by the College   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.033 Fine Arts Scholarships   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.035 Application Fee Waivers   Procedure
6Hx23-4.04 Uniforms Rule Procedure
P6Hx23-4.05 Admission - Current High School Students Seeking College Credit While in High School (Dual Enrollment, Early College, Early Admissions, or Collegiate High School)   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.06 Transfer Credit Policies   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.07 Admission - Transient Students   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.08 Admission - International Students   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.10 Admission by Exception - Students with Disabilities   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.11 General Admission to Baccalaureate Programs   Procedure
6Hx23-4.14 Florida Resident Classification for the Purpose of Assessing Fees Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.15 Academic Average and Repeated Courses Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.16 Classification of Students Rule  
6Hx23-4.161 Maximum Student Load Rule  
6Hx23-4.18 Eligibility for Intercollegiate Athletics Rule  
6Hx23-4.19 Exemption from Final Examinations Rule  
P6Hx23-4.19 Final Examinations   Procedure
6Hx23-4.20 Grading System Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.21 Home Campus Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.22 Graduation with Honors Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.23 Identification Cards Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.231 Library Cards Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.24 Graduation Requirements for all Degrees, Certificates and Diplomas Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.25 Second Degrees Rule
6Hx23-4.28 Acceleration Mechanisms Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.29 Graduation Requirements for the Associate in Science and Associate in Applied Science Degrees Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.30 Class Attendance Rule
P6Hx23-4.30 Class Attendance and Participation Procedure
6Hx23-4.31 Withdrawal Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.311 Course Transfers Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.32 General Education Requirements for Associate Degree Programs Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.33 Student Code of Conduct Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.331 Hazing Prohibited Rule  
6Hx23-4.332 Sexual Misconduct Rule  
P6Hx23-4.332 Title IX, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Grievance Procedure   Procedure
6Hx23-4.333 Evaluation and Dismissal of Students Exhibiting Unusual or Disruptive Behavior Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.34 Student Traffic and Parking Control Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.35 Disciplinary Rule Rule  
P6Hx23-4.35 Disciplinary Procedure Procedure
6Hx23-4.351 Threat Assessment Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.36 Student Grievances and Appeals Rule Procedure
P6Hx23-4.361 Student Involvement in Decision Making   Procedure
6Hx23-4.362 Student Ombudsman Office Rule Procedure
P6Hx23-4.363 Complaint Resolution Process   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.364 Non-Employee Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities   Procedure
6Hx23-4.37 Student Records Rule Procedure
P6Hx23-4.371 Campus Crime Report   Procedure
6Hx23-4.38 Student Activities Rule  
P6Hx23-4.38 Student Governing Organizations   Procedure
6Hx23-4.39 Student Activities Trips Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.40 Student Publications Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.41 Housing Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.42 Guest Speakers by Student Groups (Outside of Classroom) Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.44 Student Organizations Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.45 Testing of Students Rule  
6Hx23-4.451 College-Preparatory Instruction Rule Procedure
P6Hx23-4.453 Placement Methods   Procedure
6Hx23-4.46 Academic Warning, Probation, Suspension and Dismissal Rule
P6Hx23-4.46 Program-Based Good Academic Standing, Academic Warning, Probation, Suspension and Dismissal   Procedure
6Hx23-4.461 Academic Affairs: Academic Integrity Policies Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.47 Learning Support Center Rule
6Hx23-4.48 Counseling and Advising Rule  
6Hx23-4.49 Scholarships, Academic Merit Scholars Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.491 President's Honor List Rule  
6Hx23-4.4910 Presidential Scholarships Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.4911 Trustees' Honors College Scholarships Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.4912 Baccalaureate Programs Scholarships Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.492 Johnnie Ruth Clarke Scholarship Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.493 Student Incentive Grants Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.494 Summer of Success Program Rule  
6Hx23-4.495 Employee and Employee Dependent Scholarships Rule  
6Hx23-4.50 Requirements of the Veterinary Technology Program Rule  
6Hx23-4.53 Health Related Programs: Associate in Science, Certificate, and Applied Technology Diploma - Special Rules Rule  
P6Hx23-4.53 Health Related Programs - Academic/Clinical Probation, Suspension and Dismissal   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.531 Health Related Programs: Associate in Science, Certificate, and Applied Technology Diploma - Special Rules   Procedure
6Hx23-4.54 Requirements of the Dental Hygiene Program Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.55 Requirements of the Emergency Medical Services Program Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.60 Requirements of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.61 Requirements of the Respiratory Care Program Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.62 Requirements of the Human Services Technology Program Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.65 Honors College Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.68 Requirements of the Radiography Program Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.69 Requirements of the Nursing Program Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.70 Requirements of the Health Information Management Program Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.702 Requirements of the Healthcare Informatics Program Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.71 Requirements of the Funeral Services Program Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.72 College of Education Programs - Special Rules Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.721 College of Education Programs - Academic/School-Based Hours Probation, Suspension and Dismissal Rule Procedure
6Hx23-4.73 Requirements of the College of Public Safety - Southeastern Public Safety Institute Rule  
P6Hx23-4.73 Procedure: College of Public Safety - Southeastern Public Safety Institute Programs - Admission, Attendance, Performance Standards, Safety Removal and Dismissal   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.903 Admissions and Records: Classification of Students   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.906 Registration: Changes in Program   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.909 Articulation: High Schools and Colleges   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.910 Student Activities: Bulletin Boards, Etc.   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.911 Student Activities: Student Use of College Facilities   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.912 Veterans Administration   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.913 Veterans: Disabled   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.914 Veterans: Monitoring Academic Progress for Veterans or Eligible Persons Receiving Educational Benefits from the Veterans Administration   Procedure
P6Hx23-4.915 Visitors to the College (Official Visits by Groups)   Procedure
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  Admission – General

Number Name Board of Trustees Rule College Procedure
6Hx23-4.02 Admission Requirements Rule Procedure

V. Business Services

Number Name Board of Trustees Rule College Procedure
6Hx23-5.01 Financial Records and Reports Rule  
P6Hx23-5.01 Accurate Records and Reports   Procedure
6Hx23-5.02 Budget Preparation and Approval Rule Procedure
6Hx23-5.04 Receipts, Deposits, and Disbursements Rule  
P6Hx23-5.04 Receipts, Deposits, and Disbursements   Procedure
6Hx23-5.05 Investment of Surplus Funds Rule Procedure
6Hx23-5.07 Auxiliary Enterprises and Undesignated Gifts Rule Procedure
P6Hx23-5.071 Auxiliary Enterprises Operations   Procedure
6Hx23-5.0711 Transfer of College Funds to Direct Support Organizations Rule  
6Hx23-5.08 Insurance and Risk Management Rule Procedure
6Hx23-5.09 Use and Rental of College Facilities and Related Equipment Rule Procedure
P6Hx23-5.091 Rental of Facilities in the Building Housing the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, Library, Art Education Center & Auditorium-Tarpon Springs Center   Procedure
6Hx23-5.11 Payroll Deduction Authorization Rule  
6Hx23-5.12 Purchasing Rule Procedure
P6Hx23-5.121 Electronic Purchase Requisitions (eReqs)   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.122 Purchase Orders   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.123 Expedited and Emergency Purchases   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.124 Purchase of Printing from Outside Vendors   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.125 Purchase Orders   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.126 Reimbursable Purchases up to $300   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.127 Purchase of Temporary Services   Procedure
6Hx23-5.13 Property Records Rule Procedure
P6Hx23-5.130 Receiving of Accountable Equipment   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.131 Abandoned Property (Tangible and Intangible)   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.1311 Lost and Found   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.132 Lending and Rental of College Property   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.133 Property Control   Procedure
6Hx23-5.14 Memberships in Professional Organizations and Associations Rule  
6Hx23-5.16 Travel by College Personnel, Board of Trustees and Authorized Persons Rule  
P6Hx23-5.161 Travel by College Personnel, Board of Trustees and Authorized Persons   Procedure
6Hx23-5.17 Student Fees Rule Procedure
6Hx23-5.171 Miscellaneous Charges Rule Procedure
6Hx23-5.19 Student Refunds Rule Procedure
6Hx23-5.20 Waiver of Fees and Tuition Rule Procedure
6Hx23-5.21 Student Related Activity Funds Rule Procedure
6Hx23-5.25 Grants and Other Restricted Funding Approval Rule  
P6Hx23-5.25 Grant Approval   Procedure
6Hx23-5.26 Facsimile Signatures Rule  
6Hx23-5.27 Collection of Financial Obligations and Delinquent Accounts Rule  
P6Hx23-5.27 Collection of Financial Obligations and Delinquent Accounts/Accounts Receivable   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.271 Tuition Payment Plan   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.901 Audits and Management Analyses   Procedure
6Hx23-5.903 Contract Administration Rule Procedure
P6Hx23-5.904 Contact with College Attorney and Board Attorney   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.905 Request for Invoice   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.906 Financial Aid Disbursement Procedures   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.907 Authorized Forms Control   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.908 Official Entertainment   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.909 Business: Rental of Cars, Buses, Etc.   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.910 Salaries - Regular Employees   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.911 Salaries - Career Service, OPS and Student Employees   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.912 Salaries - Overtime Funds   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.913 Salaries - Substitute Pay   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.914 Direct Deposit and Payroll Check Distribution   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.916 Preparation of Payroll Calendar   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.917 Support Operations   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.918 Tuition and Fees: Deferment of Student Fees   Procedure
P6Hx23-5.919 Public Records Management, Retention and Destruction   Procedure
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VI. Facilities Planning and Institutional Services

Number Name Board of Trustees Rule College Procedure
6Hx23-6.01 Safety, Sanitation and Inspection of Public Education and Ancillary Plants Rule  
P6Hx23-6.01 Restrooms and Changing Facilities Usage   Procedure
P6Hx23-6.02 Organization of Public Education and Ancillary Plants Procedure
6Hx23-6.03 Physical Plant Financing and Control Rule  
P6Hx23-6.06 Acquisition of Construction and Building Trades Services for College Facilities; Continuing Contracts   Procedure
6Hx23-6.07 Special Purpose Classrooms Rule  
6Hx23-6.08 Acquisition of Professional Architectural, Engineering, Landscape Architectural or Surveying and Mapping Services Rule  
P6Hx23-6.08 Procedure: Acquisition of Professional Architectural, Engineering, Landscape Architectural or Surveying and Mapping Services   Procedure
6Hx23-6.09 Change Orders to Construction Contracts Rule Procedure
6Hx23-6.10 Guaranteed Maximum Price Rule  
P6Hx23-6.11 Payments to Contractor During Construction   Procedure
6Hx23-6.12 Acquisition of Construction Management Services Rule Procedure
6Hx23-6.13 Acquisition of Professional Services with Design-Build Firms Rule Procedure
6Hx23-6.14 Naming of College Facilities Rule  
6Hx23-6.899 Information Technology (IT) Security Program Rule Procedure
6Hx23-6.900 Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy Rule Procedure
6Hx23-6.9011 Web Page Development and Server Utilization Rule Procedure
P6Hx23-6.9012 Procedure: Information Technology (IT) Security Auditing and Monitoring   Procedure
P6Hx23-6.9013 Procedure: Information Technology User Level Passwords   Procedure
P6Hx23-6.90131 Procedure: Information Technology Service Level Passwords   Procedure
P6Hx23-6.9014 Information Technology Wireless Communications   Procedure
P6Hx23-6.9015 Information Technology Remote Access   Procedure
P6Hx23-6.9016 Information Technology Server Security   Procedure
P6Hx23-6.9017 Information Technology Computer Security   Procedure
P6Hx23-6.906 Physical Plant: Building and Grounds Security: General   Procedure
P6Hx23-6.907 Physical Plant: Building Security: Keys   Procedure
P6Hx23-6.908 Physical Plant: Energy Management Program   Procedure
P6Hx23-6.909 Lynch Auditorium and/or Gallery Reservations   Procedure
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The Board of Trustees Rules Manual and the College Procedures Manual are provided for all students and employees as the official statement of the Board's rules and the College's operating procedures. The rules have been adopted by the Board of Trustees and are based on Florida statutes and State Board of Education regulations. The procedures have been formally adopted and are based on Florida statutes, State Board of Education regulations, and Board of Trustees Rules or good business practice.

The online Rules and Procedures manuals are intended to reflect the official Rules of the Board of Trustees and Procedures of the College and in addition to federal and state law, govern the College, students, and employees in the areas including but not limited to general and administrative; employee relations; academic and student affairs; student services; business services; and facilities planning and institutional services. In some instances, individual departments may be required by the College to observe internal procedures unique to that department. Internal procedures are defined as Managers Guidelines. Managers Guidelines must be in compliance with College operating procedure.

The Board of Trustees Rules and College Procedures are frequently updated; however, if you have questions as to the latest or applicable version of the Rules or Procedures, you should contact the Office of the General Counsel at 727-341-3259.

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