AMH 2020H  Honors History of the US II credits: 3

This advanced course covers the history of the United States from the post-Civil War period (1865) to the present. The course will present history as a dynamic process, and students will evaluate and synthesize the social, economic, political, and diplomatic history of the post-Civil War period. This course also analyzes methods of qualitative and quantitative research, case studies, archival retrieval, and comparative approaches to the study of societies and emphasizes writing research-based papers, historiography and critical analysis. Independent research and interdisciplinary connections will also be encouraged for students to make connections to other related areas of humanities, philosophy and literature in the Honors Program. This course will have a substantial writing requirement. This course partially satisfies the writing requirements outlined in the General Education Requirements. (Note: Credit is only given for AMH 2020 or AMH 2020H or IDS 1102H.)

Prerequisite: Appropriate score on the college placement test or acceptance into the Honors College or Permission of the Program: