AML 2020H  Honors American Literature II: 1865 to Present credits: 3

This course is designed to be an interdisciplinary study of American literature from the 19th century to the present. Special emphasis will be given to the literary movements of the 19th and 20th century. Representative selections from each period are critically examined for interpretation, historical background, artistic qualities, and philosophy, with emphasis on human values and application to life. This course also stresses methods of research and emphasizes writing research-based papers, including literary interpretation and critical analysis. Independent research and interdisciplinary connections will also be encouraged for students to make connections to other related areas of humanities, philosophy and literature in the Honors Program. This course partially satisfies the writing requirements as outlined in the General Education Requirements.(Note: Credit is only given for AML 2020 or AML 2020H.)

Prerequisite: (ENC 1101 or appropriate score on the college placement test with a minimum grade of C) or ENC 1101H with a minimum grade of C or IDS 1101H with a minimum grade of C or IDS 1111H with a minimum grade of C or Permission of the Program: