BSC 2010CH  Honors Biology I Cellular Processes with Laboratory credits: 4

The biological topics related to cells are studied in detail. These topics include cell types, cell structure and functions, cell division, genetics, molecular biology, gametogenesis and biotechnology. This course will employ interactive learning and research projects beyond the typical Biology course. The projects will include a literature review, hypothesis development and the designing and execution of biology-based experiments. The interactive learning will include the presentations of current topics with biology content. Students will demonstrate their understanding without as much guidance by using interactive techniques, critical thinking, and conceptual understanding to solve problems. In this course students will learn the underlying concepts that give them a much deeper understanding of the material. This course is designed for science majors and to prepare the student for Biology II and must be taken in sequence. 92 contact hours.

Prerequisite: ENC 1101 and CHM 1025 or acceptance into the Honors College or approval of the Dean