BSC 2086L  Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory II credits: 1

This is the laboratory component of BSC 2086 which provides opportunities for students to reinforce their knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and learn human anatomy and physiology from a laboratory perspective. The course will use a lab-based systems approach, with an emphasis on integrated structure-function relationships at the organ systems level. Laboratory component includes studies using microscopy of human and animal tissues, models, video film clips and the study of physiological concepts via experimentation or simulations. The systems studied include lymphatic, endocrine, respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, urinary, reproductive and genetics. 45 contact hours.

Prerequisite: BSC 2085 with a minimum grade of C and BSC 2085L with a minimum grade of C and Pre or Corequisite: BSC 2086 with a minimum grade of C