BSC 2426C  Biotechnology Methods I credits: 3

This laboratory course is designed to provide extensive hands-on application of standard biotechnology laboratory techniques. This is the first of two sequential Biotechnology laboratory courses. The primary focus of this course is basic molecular biology concepts and techniques. Practical, hands-on instruction will provide students with basic skills preparing them for job placement as an entry level laboratory technician. These skills include, but are not limited to: following and developing standard operating protocols, keeping accurate lab and management records, following state/national laboratory safety procedures and implementing laboratory-relevant mathematics used in routine chemical preparation, experimental procedures and data analysis. Laboratory techniques will focus on the extraction and manipulation of nucleic acids including industry-relevant applications of recombinant DNA technology. Proficiency in use of commonly used biotechnology lab equipment and data analysis instrumentation will also be emphasized.

Prerequisite: (BSC 2010 and BSC 2010L or BSC 2010CH with a minimum grade of C) and Pre or Corequisite: BSC 2420 with a minimum grade of C