DIG 2290  Studio Production & Direction credits: 3

This course is an advanced studio television course expanding on the established general production skills acquired in DIG 2030. The course will introduce the student to theory, terminology, and operation of video production equipment in a television control room and studio environment, including broadcast studio cameras, digital studio production switcher, character generator console, digital audio mixer, videotape recorders, production microphones, studio lighting and lighting board operation, and basic engineering concepts of camera control units, time based correctors, and calibration through waveform and vectorscope monitors. Content includes real time camera movements and the process of producing and directing studio productions facilitated through team engagement. Special effects will be demonstrated including chroma-key, wipes and dissolves. The fundamentals of studio scripting, pre-production planning and set and lighting design for studio productions will be covered within a digital production environment.

Prerequisite: DIG 2030 with a minimum grade of C