EDE 4226  Integrated English Language Arts, Social Studies and Creative Arts for the Elementary Classroom credits: 4

This course prepares pre-service teachers for integrating English Language Arts with Social Studies and the Creative Arts to stimulate inquiry, creativity and critical thinking in the classroom. By using an integrated curricular approach, pre-service teachers acquire strategies for analyzing and engaging students in informational digital text, multimedia primary sources along with the utilization of children's literature and enrichment with music, art, drama and dance/movement to create high-quality thematic lessons/units that meet The Language Arts Florida Standards (LAFS), (K-6).

Admission to: (ESEDR-BS or ELEDR-BS) and Prerequisite: RED 3309 and EDE 4304 and EDE 4943 and (EDG 3620 or EEX 3241) and Pre or Corequisite: EDE 4942