EMS 0212C  Paramedic III credits: 0

This course is an in-depth study of the U.S. Department of Transportation, EMT Paramedic: National Standard Curriculum/EMS, the Florida Department of Education Standards, and in accordance with F.S. 401.2701 and Florida Administrative Code 64J-1.020 which includes aspects of the prehospital environment. This is the third phase in the sequence necessary for completion of the Paramedic Certificate curriculum. This final phase will focus on gynecological, obstetrical, and pediatric emergencies. The student will be introduced to concepts in the Incident Command structure, HAZMAT, air medical, vehicle extrication, mass casualties, and mass casualties due to terrorism. The student will also demonstrate principles in ambulance operations. This course will reinforce theory and psychomotor abilities learned in the classroom, lab and clinical settings in order to integrate this knowledge in advanced life support concepts and skills. The focus will be to ensure the student is ready to transition to the working world as a paramedic by applying learned skills during the capstone phase as a lead paramedic and a team member participant.