IDS 1101H  Honors Interdiscplinary Studies: Ancient to Renaissance credits: 9

This course is an integrated survey from the origins of Western Civilization to the Renaissance period. It surveys Ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Greco-Roman worlds, Judeo-Christian traditions, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The survey gives special consideration to the disciplines of history, literature, philosophy, art history, religious studies, and communications. This Honors course will include personalized experiences, collaborative learning opportunities, and an emphasis on the analysis and synthesis of abstract questions related to the historical period. (Note: Students who complete Honors Interdisciplinary Studies: Ancient to Renaissance will receive credit toward the completion of the general education program for the following courses: ENC 1101H, HUM 2210H, and SPC 1017H. Each student will be required to write a minimum of 10,000 words. This course partially satisfies the writing requirements outlined in the General Education Requirements.)

Prerequisite: Appropriate scores on the college placement test. or Permission of the Program: