MAN 4883  Project Management Methodology in Specialization credits: 1-3

The purpose of this course is to evaluate project management methodology (CPM, CCPM, Waterfall, Scrum, Agile, XP, FDD, Crystal and Prince2) to effectively manage time, cost, and scope within a project. An emphasis is placed on Project Management as a proven and effective tool that allows work teams, resources and tasks to be controlled and quality achieved. Students compare the methodologies in their specialization (General, Financial, Healthcare, and IT) to achieve business benefits, and capture market share. Topics include project management methodologies, processes, strategic development, benefit analysis, project plan, design, execution, control, delivery, validation, costs, teams, communication, collaboration, conflict, and project closure. This course requires substantial planning, analyzing, and researching.

Admission to: PRJMGT-CT or MGTORG-BAS or BUS-BS or TMGT-BAS and Prerequisite: MAN 4583 with a minimum grade of C