MAT 0028  Developmental Mathematics II credits: 0

This is the second course in the college-preparatory two-course sequence (MAT 0018 and MAT 0028) designed to prepare students for college-level mathematics courses. This course is a study of the basic skills and concepts of basic algebra from the view of a college student who needs an understanding of basic algebra. Major topics include operations on signed rational numbers, simple linear equations and inequalities in one variable, operations on polynomials (including beginning techniques of factoring), integer exponents, brief introduction to radicals, introduction to graphing, applications, and other basic algebra topics. A minimum course grade average of C (minimum 70% accuracy) is required for successful completion. (Note: This course does not apply toward mathematics requirements in general education or toward any associate degree: no credits are awarded for completion of this course. Students may complete either MAT 0028 or MAT 0022.)

Prerequisite: Appropriate score on the SPC mathematics placement test or MAT 0018 with a minimum grade of C