MCB 2010  Microbiology credits: 3

Microbiology consists of the study of microorganisms and their role in our environment and health from a cellular and molecular point of view. Topics include microbial cell structure and function, microbial genetics and metabolism, bacterial identification, microbe-host interactions, antimicrobial agents, microbial control, and infectious disease. This course will emphasize the interaction of microorganisms with humans and the diseases they cause. This will enable students to understand disease-causing representatives of different groups of microorganisms and how these are transmitted and controlled. This course is not an acceptable pre-requisite for most professional and graduate programs (e.g. Physician assistant, medical school, etc.).

Prerequisite: (BSC 2086 and BSC 2086L) Or (BSC 2010 and BSC 2010L or BSC 2010CH) and Pre or Corequisite: MCB 2010L