MUC 2622  Composition in Modern Media 2 credits: 1-2

This course is the advanced level of Contemporary Composing and Arranging. Students practice compositional skills with assignments and projects to demonstrate an advanced understanding of the full spectrum of materials, devices, and processes for composing and arranging contemporary music in a wide range of popular forms. The course is an in-depth discussion and analysis of styles used in the current creative movements, with emphasis on both acoustic and electronic techniques. (Note: This course may be taken up to 4 times for a total of 4 credits.) One-hour private lesson plus one-hour seminar class each week. (Note: Course changed from 2 credits to 1 credit, Spring 2018 (0540). Students in requirement terms prior to Spring 2018 (0540) should register for the 2 credit offering. Please contact the MIRAS-AS program office for further information.)

Prerequisite: (MUT 2342 and MUT 2342L with a minimum grade of C) And Pre or Corequisite: MUC 2940 and Admission to: MIRAS-AS Composition subplan