MUM 1942  Internship: Sound Engineering I credits: 1-3

This course is the first of two semesters of study, and is designed to enable students to evolve individually, and as a group, toward the utilization of sound engineering technology in a professional setting. Students will utilize audio engineering skills and techniques acquired in the classroom and apply these techniques in a pre-determined audio recording or live sound reinforcement situation. Students will explore their audio production discipline in a direct supervised, on-site, training program/internship for knowledge and experience. The emphasis will be a "hands-on" approach working with other students in an appropriately equipped performance venue and incorporating academic discussions and practices with job related experience. (Note: This course may be taken up to 3 times for a total of 3 credits. The student must fulfill the requirement of 60 on-the-job hours for each credit earned in addition to other assignments.)

Admission to: MIRAS-AS and Prerequisite: MUM 2600 with a minimum grade of C and MUS 1621 with a minimum grade of C and MUT 1001 with a minimum grade of C and Pre or Corequisite: MUM 1662