PHI 1010H  Honors Introduction to Philosophy credits: 3

An introductory survey of the major topics and fields in the history of philosophy that examines ideas and concepts of significant thinkers from classical to contemporary philosophy through the examination and evaluation of arguments, issues, and ideas central to philosophy by utilizing discussion and debate concerning alternative approaches to a variety of philosophical problems. Topics may include the nature of knowledge, reality, truth, virtue, justice, and other areas of philosophical inquiry. Special emphasis will be given to theoretical traditions of Western thought such as idealism, materialism, rationalism, and existentialism, as well as Post-Modern and non-Western theoretical positions. This course satisfies SPC Humanities General Education Core, and FL state transfer requirements. Credit is not given for both PHI 1010H and PHI 1010 as these courses are equivalent.

Prerequisite: Appropriate score on the SPC placement test or approval of the Dean.