PLA 1003  Introduction to Paralegalism credits: 3

Students will be provided a general perspective of the legal system and the role of a paralegal within that system. Students will get a view of the typical daily paralegal duties and responsibilities. They will become familiar with the most common skills and competencies required of a paralegal such as: legal analysis; legal research and writing; and interview and investigation. Students will study the various operations and structures of the court systems, administrative agencies, private law firms and public sector offices. In addition, the student will understand the role a paralegal plays in various areas of the law and the diverse functions performed by paralegals within those distinctive fields. Students will examine the professional and ethical regulations lawyers and paralegals must follow. Students will demonstrate knowledge of specific legal terminology and the main principles of law office management. Students will be given an opportunity to develop the most important competencies and hands-on skills within the classroom setting and in a real-world context through participation in voluntary service within the legal profession.

Prerequisite: Dev Level 2 Writing Met and Dev Level 2 Reading Met