POS 3272  American Civic Life credits: 3

This course introduces the student to the principles of civic engagement and commitment to community service. The focus will be on civic leadership and communication from an internal and external perspective. These will be examined on an international, national, state and local level. This course will combine theoretical and practical applications addressing governments, businesses and citizen groups in the development of civic engagement, leadership, sustainability, social change, and the interdependence of social issues, public policy and international impact. Case studies and class exercises are employed to help students develop skills in multi-party negotiations, conflict resolution, resource allocation and decision making. Emphasis will be placed on preparing students for a life dedicated to public service, policy leadership and civic engagement which affect the usual and customary operations of a business or government. Course content is guided by an understanding that the relationship between civic engagement, leadership and public communication in an era of globalization and instant communication is critical to facilitating, mitigating and dealing with the challenges we face in the 21st. century.

Prerequisite: POS 2041 with a minimum grade of C