RED 4519  Diagnosis and Intervention in Reading for Diverse Students K-12 credits: 3

This course is designed to focus on formal and informal reading assessments (e.g., formal-norm-referenced/criterion-referenced assessments, and informal-reading inventories). Students will complete diagnostic case studies on a struggling reader to demonstrate their ability to interpret pre-existing data reports, select and administer appropriate assessments and analyze data to inform reading instruction. Topics include quantitative and qualitative assessments that address elements of reading (e.g., comprehension, word recognition, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, oral language and writing.) The major emphasis of the course is on diagnosis of reading problems, administration of the assessments, evaluation of results, and planning instruction/interventions for remediation. Lecture, discussion, simulated assessment practice, and an actual diagnostic case study, constitute different course activities. 20 school- based hours.

Admission to: (ELEDR-BS or ESEDR-BS and Prerequisite: RED 3309 and RED 4511 with a minimum grade of C) Or Admission to: PKPED-BS and Prerequisite: RED 4009 with a minimum grade of C and RED 4304 with a minimum grade of C