WOH 2040  The Twentieth Century credits: 3

This course is a study of world history surveying the cultural, political, social and economic transitions since 1900. Emphasis is placed on the turn-of-the-century dominance of Europe, the competitiveness and militarism that led to World War I, and the affects of the peace settlements. Attention is given to the Soviet Revolution, the rise of fascism, Nazism, Asian neo-imperialism, and the malaise of the democracies; the Depression and its consequences; aggression, appeasement and World War II; the Cold War, communist China, the rise of the "Third World" and conflicting issues and values in contemporary society. This course partially satisfies the writing requirements outlined in the General Education Requirements. (Note: Credit is only given for WOH 2040 or WOH 2040H).

Prerequisite: (ENC 0025 and REA 0017) or EAP 1695 or appropriate score on the Placement Test.