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Faculty by Name




O'Donnell, Bob Social Science Tarpon Springs Campus
ONeachtain, Tara Veterinary Technology Veterinary Technology Center
Oakley, Shirley Communications Clearwater Campus
Oberlaender, Michaela Humanities and Fine Arts Clearwater Campus
Occhipinti, Kimberly Communications Seminole Campus
Odutola, Adeniji Ethics Tarpon Springs Campus
Offutt, Michelle College of Nursing Health Education Center
Ofoulhast-Othamot, Gyldas Social & Behavioral Science St. Pete/Gibbs Campus
Ojeda, Fernando Communications Clearwater Campus
Ojeda, Jeanna Communications Tarpon Springs Campus
Okazato, Yuko Veterinary Technology Veterinary Technology Center
Olah, Alanna College of Business Seminole Campus
Olexa, Richard Natural Science Seminole Campus
Olivero, Shiobhan Paralegal Studies Clearwater Campus
Olsen, Sharon Social & Behavioral Science Seminole Campus
Olson, Amanda - Mathematics SPC Downtown
Oppliger, Fred Communications Tarpon Springs Campus
Orbea, Alicia Natural Science Seminole Campus
Orner, Randell College of Business EpiCenter
OrozcoMoret, Cirilo - Mathematics SPC Downtown
Orris, Marilyn - Dental Hygiene Health Education Center
Ortiz, Therezita College of Computer and Information Technology Clearwater Campus
O'Shea, Ryan Veterinary Technology Veterinary Technology Center
Osovitz, Michelle Baccalaureate Programs and University Partnerships Clearwater Campus
Otero, Paul Social Science Tarpon Springs Campus
Owens, Dale Counseling & Advisement Clearwater Campus

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