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All Courses - Summer Term 2020 (0575)

DAN 1768
Applied Lessns Alexander Techn

DEH 1000
Intro to Dental Hygiene

DEH 2300
Dental Pharmacology

DEH 2701
Community Dental Health

DEH 2802
Dental Hygiene III

DEH 3814
Intro Dental Hygiene Research

DEH 4607
Advanced Periodontics

DEH 4854
Leadership in Dental Hygiene

DEH 4901
Indepndnt Study in Dental Hyg

DEP 2004
Dev Psych of the Life Span

DES 1020L
Orofacial Anatomy Lab

DES 1020
Orofacial Anatomy

DES 1601
Emergencies in Dental Hygiene

DIG 1004C
Exploration of Media Tools

DIG 2000
Intro to Digital Media

DIG 2030
Survey of Digital Video

DIG 2100
Web Design I

DIG 2109
Digital Imaging Fundamentals

DIG 2131
Digital Art and Design

DIG 2183C
Digital Drawing

DIG 2311
Motion Graphics I

DIG 2545
Media Planning

DIG 2940
Digital Arts Internship

DSC 1004
Introd to the NRF and NIMS

DSC 1751
Homeland Security Policy & Law