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All Courses - Summer Term 2020 (0575)

MAC 1105
College Algebra

MAC 1114

MAC 1140
Pre-Calculus Algebra

MAC 2233
Applied Calculus I

MAC 2311
Calculus w/Analytic Geometry I

MAC 2312
Calculus w/Analytc Geometry II

MAC 2313
Calculus w/Analytc Geomtry III

MAN 2021
Principles of Management

MAN 2340
Supervisory Management

MAN 2582
Introduction to Project Mgmt

MAN 2604
Intercultural Relations in Bus

MAN 3240
Appl Organizational Behavior

MAN 3301
Public Personnel Management

MAN 3303
Mgmt & Leadership Practices

MAN 3503
Mgral Risk Anlysis & Dec Mkng

MAN 3504
Operations Management

MAN 3600
International Business

MAN 3786
Sustainable Enterprise Planng

MAN 3802
Principles of Entrepreneurship

MAN 4102
Managing Cultural Diversity

MAN 4583
Project Management

MAN 4584
Process Improvement Methods

MAN 4625
Mgng Global Human Resources

MAN 4741
Innov, Change & Agile Projects

MAN 4881
Authority Influence & Projects

MAN 4883
Project Management Specializat

MAN 4885
Complex and Advanced Projects

MAN 4940

MAP 2302
Differential Equations

MAR 2011
Principles of Marketing

MAR 2101
Social Media Marketing

MAR 3802
Marketing Management

MAR 4413
Sales,Negtng &Cstmr Relsp Mgmt

MAT 0022
Developmental Mathematics

MAT 0028
Developmental Mathematics II

MAT 1033
Intermediate Algebra

MAT 1033L
Intermediate Algebra Lab

MGF 1106
Mathematics for Liberal Arts I

MGF 1107
Mathematics forLiberal Arts II

MMC 2000
Intro to Mass Communications

MUC 1101
Intro to Music Composition

MUC 1621
Composition in Modern Media

MUL 1010
Music Appreciation

MUM 1629
Audio Mixing Techniques I

MUM 1629L
Audio Mixing Techniques I LB

MUM 1662
Live Sound Reinforcement Tech

MUM 1942
Internship: Sound Engineer I

MUM 2601
Music Tech & Recording Tech II

MUM 2601L
Music Tech & Recrdng Tech 2 Lb

MUM 2609
Critical Listening: Analysis

MUM 2671
Avid Pro Tools 201/210

MUM 2680
Audio Engineering Foundations

MUM 2682
Applied Mixing Techniques

MUM 2945
Internship: Sound Enginrng II

MUS 1360
Music And Computers

MUT 1001
Fundamentals Of Music

MUT 1111
Music Theory I

MUT 1112
Music Theory II

MUT 1241
Aural Theory I

MUT 1242
Aural Theory II

MUT 2116
Music Theory III

MUT 2117
Music Theory IV

MUT 2246
Aural Theory III

MUT 2247
Aural Theory IV

MUT 2341
Contemporary Music Theory I

MUT 2341L
Contemporary Ear Training I

MUT 2342
Contemporary Music Theory II

MUT 2342L
Contemporary Ear Training II

MVB 1013
Applied Music Enrchmt-Trombone

MVJ 1010
Aplid Music Erchmet-Jazz Piano

MVJ 1210
Aplid Music Secodry-Jazz Piano

MVK 1011
Applied Music Enrichment Piano

MVK 1013
Applied Music Enrichment Organ

MVK 1115
Popular Piano Techniques

MVK 1211
Applied Music Secondary Piano

MVK 1213
Applied Music Secondary Organ

MVK 1215
Cont. Keyboard Tecniques I

MVK 2221
Applied Music Secondary-Piano

MVK 2223
Applied Music SecondaryOrgan

MVK 2225
Cont. Keyboard Techniques II

MVP 1011
Applied Music EnrchPercussion

MVP 1211
Applied Music SecPercussion

MVP 1317
Cont. Drumkit Technique I

MVP 2221
Applied Music SecondPercussion

MVS 1011
Applied Music Enrchmt Violin

MVS 1012
Applied Music Enrchment Viola

MVS 1016
Applied Music Enrchment Guitar

MVS 1216
Applied Music Secondary Guitar

MVS 1316
Applied Music Principal Guitar

MVS 1317
Electric Bass Rock, Jazz, Blue

MVS 1318
Cont. Guitar Techniques I

MVS 2022
Applied Music Enrichment Viola

MVV 1011
Applied Music Voice Enrichment

MVV 1211
Applied Music Voice Secondary

MVV 1317
Contemporary Vocal Style I

MVV 2021
Applied Voice Enrichment

MVW 1011
Applied Music Enrichmt Flute

MVW 1015
Applied Music EnrchmtSaxophone

MVW 1211
Applied Music Secondary Flute

MVW 1215
Applied Music SecondySaxophone

MVW 2021
Applied Music Enrchmt Flute

MVW 2025
Applied Music EnrchmtSaxophone