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Request Free College Credit

Thank you for your interest in obtaining Free College Credit from St. Petersburg College for your previous academic work at a high school or technical center or achievement of a gold standard industry certification.


Terms and Conditions for Free College Credit

1. Students will not be charged any fees for the awarding of credits covered by this agreement.

2. Students are still responsible for the $40 college application fee.

3. High school students must submit official school transcripts to SPC Central Records for validation of coursework. Technical school students must submit a valid Certificate of Completion to SPC Central Records for validation of program completion.

4. To be eligible to receive the college credit, students must enroll at SPC in the Associate of Science degree* or Certificate program that correlates to their high school / technical school program of study within 2-3 years (depending on the SPC program) after graduation or within 3 years of obtaining their industry certification. Some programs may have additional conditions before credits may be awarded.
*Computer literacy credits may also apply towards an Associate in Arts degree.

5. A grade of 'P' will be given for the awarded college credit.

6. Awarding of free credit is dependent upon student's completion of the high school / technical school program of study with an grade of B or higher in each of the articulated courses and upon student's earning an unweighted GPA overall of 2.5 or better.


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Please select your high school or technical center.  Please select "Industry Certification" or "Statewide Vocational Program" if you have a professional industry certification or a statewide vocational qualification that may articulate to SPC.
Please select the name of the computer course, career academy and/or career program you completed at high school or technical college.

Please enter the name of the Industry Certification you have earned.

Example: CompTIA Network+ or Microsoft Office Specialist Bundle (Excel, Outlook, and Word)

Please select the name of the St. Petersburg Catholic High School career program you completed.
Please select the name of the Statewide Vocational program you completed.

Your Intended Major at SPC

Free college credit can only be applied to an Associate of Science or Certificate at St. Petersburg College. 

Select the degree/award you plan to achieve:

Please enter the Associate degree or Certificate program name.

Example: Computer Programming and Analysis

Apply for Free College Credit

If you are eligible, college credit(s) counting towards the designated program will be added to your official transcripts. Changing your program of study may have an impact on financial aid eligibility. Enter your full name below to acknowledge you understand this agreement and to request college credit.

If you have any questions or comments about this form, please contact Tonita Cheese at or call (727) 302-6525

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