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All Courses - Summer Term 2020 (0575)

CAP 2134
Database Security

CCJ 1020
Intro to Criminal Justice

CET 1171C
Computer Repair Essentials

CET 1172C
Computer Support Technician

CET 1600
Introduction to Networks

CET 2615
Scaling Networks

CET 2620
Connecting Networks

CET 2691
Laws&Legal Aspects/IT Security

CGS 1070
Basic Computer & Info Literacy

CGS 1100
Computer Applications

CGS 1301
Intro to Information Systems

CGS 1309
Computer and Information Techn

CGS 1515
Sprdsheet Tech & Programming

CGS 1545
Database Techniques

CGS 1831
Web Foundations/Essentials

CGS 2651
Social Media and Web Tech.

CGS 2811
Incidnt Respnse & Dister Recov

CGS 2940
Web Development Internship

CHM 1025L
Introductory Chemistry Lab

CHM 1025
Introductory Chemistry

CHM 2045
Gen Chemistry I

CHM 2045L
Gen Chem/Qual Analys Lab I

CHM 2045
Gen Chemistry I

CHM 2046
General Chemistry II

CHM 2046L
General Chemistry Lab II

CHM 2046
General Chemistry II

CHM 2210L
Organic Chemistry Lab I

CHM 2210
Organic Chemistry I

CHM 2211
Organic Chemistry II

CHM 2211L
Organic Chemistry Lab II

CIS 1358
Operating System Security

CIS 2321
Systems Analysis & Design

CIS 2352
Ethical Hacking

CIS 2940
Computer Information Tech. Int

CJE 1202
Crime and Delinquency

CJE 1640
Intro Crime Scene Technology

CJE 1643
Advanced Crime Scene Tech

CJE 1669
Identity Theft Investigations

CJE 1680
Intro Cmptr Rel Crime Invest

CJE 2605
Investigative Trends

CJE 2644
Crime Scene Safety

CJE 2645
Introduction Forensic Science

CJE 2671
Latent Fingerprint Development

CJE 2673C
Crime Scene Photography

CJE 2676
Biological Evidence

CJE 3263
International Organized Crime

CJE 3361
Mgmt Speclzd Law Enforcmt Unit

CJK 0001
Intro to Law Enforcement

CJK 0012

CJK 0013
Interactions in a Diverse Comm

CJK 0014
Interviewing\Report Writing

CJK 0020
CMS Law Enforcement Vehicle

CJK 0031
CMS First Aid for CJ Officers

CJK 0040
CMS Criminal Justice Firearms

CJK 0064
Fundamentals of Patrol

CJK 0065
Calls for Service

CJK 0077
Criminal Investigations

CJK 0078
Crime Scene to Courtroom

CJK 0087
Traffic Stops

CJK 0092
Critical Incidents

CJK 0096
CJ Officer Physical Fitness Tr

CJK 0300
Introduction to Corrections

CJK 0305

CJK 0310
Officer Safety

CJK 0315
Facility and Equipment

CJK 0320
Intake/Reception and Release

CJK 0325
Supervising Correct'l Facility

CJK 0330
Supervising Special Population

CJK 0335
Rspd to Incdnts & Emergencies

CJK 0340
Offcr Wellnss & Phys Abilities

CJK 0422
Dart-Firing Stun Gun

CJK 0551
CMS CJ Defensive Tactics

CJL 2062
Constitutional Law/Rules Evid

CLP 2140
Abnormal Psychology

CLT 2373
Ancient Greek Mythology

CNT 1000
Local Area Network Concepts

CNT 2940
Computer Networking Internship

COM 3120
Organizational Communication

COP 1000
Intro to Computer Programming

COP 2220
Programming C++

COP 2250
Java Programming I

COP 2251
Java Programming II

COP 2360
C# Programming I

COP 2362
C# Programming II

COP 2660
Intro to Android Programming

COP 2801

COP 2803
Client-Side JavaScript

COP 2940
Computer Prog Internship

COP 3035
Intermediate Computer Prog

COP 4504
Advanced Software Programming

COP 4533
Algorithmic Design and Develop

CRW 2001
Creative Writing

CTS 1120
Netwk Security Fndtn

CTS 1314
Netwk Defense /Countermeasures

CTS 1327
Cnfg & Admn MS Windows Client

CTS 1328
Install,Strg,& Comp w Win Srvr

CTS 2106
Fndmtls Linux/Unix Oprtng Env

CTS 2417
Data Visualization Techniques

CTS 2433
SQL Database Programming

CTS 2940
Cybersecurity Internship