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All Courses - Summer Term 2020 (0575)

EAP 0400
Interm Listening/Speaking II

EAP 0495
Intermediate ESL

EAP 1500
Advanced Listening/Speaking

EAP 1595
Advanced ESL I

EAP 1695
Advanced ESL II

ECO 2013
Principles of Macroeconomics

ECO 2023
Principles of Microeconomics

ECT 4004
History & Principles of Career

EDF 1005
Introduction to Education

EDF 2085
Diverse Populations

EDF 3150
Learning Theory and Student De

EDF 3152
Nature of the Learner

EDF 3214
Studnt Dev & Lrngn Prin K-12

EDF 4084
Cultural & Scl Foundtns of Ed

EDF 4123
Design & Implem't of Youth Prg

EDF 4264
Learning Theory & Instruction

EDF 4430
Msrmt,Eval & Asmnt In Ed K-12

EDF 4632
Sociology of Education

EDF 4731
Youth Administration & Leaders

EDG 4419
Build Class Mgmt & Discipline

EDG 4940
Internship: EDST

EEC 1308
Early Childhood Planning/Mgmt

EEC 1603
Early Childhood Development

EEC 2002
Fndtn Chld Care & Educ Admin

EEC 2271
Intro Wkg Yg Chdn Spec Needs

EEC 2312
Dev Creative Activ Young Child

EEC 4408
Fmly Tchr Cmmnty Rel Erly Chld

EET 1084C
Introduction to Electronics

EET 2949
Engineering Technology Wrk Exp

EEX 4084
Diff Inst of Except & Div Stud

EEX 4094
Nature and Diagnost Autism

EEX 4221
Educ Assmt of Excep Students

EEX 4604
Beh Mgmt of Except Students

EEX 4761
Comm for Students Autism

EEX 4941
Nature Diag Autism Field Exp

EEX 4943
Comm Assmt, Strtges Autism

EME 2040
Intro Educational Technology

EMS 2659C
Paramedic Field Internship

ENC 0025
Development Writing II

ENC 1101
Composition I

ENC 1102
Composition II

ENC 2210
Technical Writing

ENT 1000
Intro to Entrepreneurship

ENT 1012
Entrepreneurship Management

ESC 1000C
Earth Science

ETD 1320C
Introduction to CAD

ETD 1340C

ETD 2364C
Introduction to SolidWorks

ETD 2382C
Solidwks Simultn Dsgn Anal

ETI 3647
Supply Chain Management

ETS 1542C
Programmable Logic Controllers

ETS 2940
BMET Work Experience

EVR 1001C
Introduction to Environmental

EVR 1328
Ntrl Rsrce Conservation & Mgmt

EVR 2949
Co-op Work Experience